Alea Paros - Naoussa

• Pick up from the port : we can arrange a taxi or even pick you up from the port ourselves if the arrivals of the day allow such service. Please do not hesitate to ask
• Wi fi : free
• Parking : free
• Public transfer: In our reception, you can be informed about the timetables of the public transport( buses). The bus stop is exactly 20 mertres from our apartments
• Taxi
• Car hire, motorbike, bicycle
• Tour guide to the ancient Marble quarries and Ekatontapiliani church by Aristeidis and Maria Varria( Sculptor and archaelogist relatively)
• Fishing experience with us( simos and dimitris...your hosts)
• Wind surfing and watersports
• Information on the best taverns on Paros
• Information and directions to the best hiking sites and paths
• Geocaching on Paros
AND OF COURSE ...BOARDGAMES (for kids adults and hardcore gamers)!!